Starting every year with your budget covered.

Many nonprofit leaders spend a majority of their time and energy raising grants and donations for repeat operations. Every dollar in goes back out to run the organization and deliver on the mission. This model of scarcity exhausts leadership and limits mission growth.

We believe

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing today's greatest human challenges. Innovative programs launch every day. Yet traditional philanthropic funding models remain relatively unchanged. We must disrupt tradition, challenging the sector to think differently. Nonprofits must strive for sustainable business models. Foundations and philanthropists must shift toward long-term investments. When we create a community of Impact Organizations, we create lasting change in the world.

WHAT IF your organization was financially sustainable?

Often when we think about financial sustainability, we think about diversifying our support. Should we add a special event? Or submit five more grants? This strategy may lead you to resilience, but any change in funding puts you at risk.

See where your organization sits on the Sustainability Spectrum

WHAT IF you had more time to focus on programs and strategy?

Nonprofit leaders often spend their time focused on fund raising to meet the annual budget. The churn of raising dollars every day, year over year, often translates into stress, burnout and turnover in key staff and board.

The SUSTAIN Initiative offers a pathway to moving your nonprofit from vulnerable to 100% sustainable.

WHAT IF that big grant did more than pay the rent?

With a sustainable business model in place, foundations can shift from a one-time grant, to a program-related investment. These investments often unlock new opportunities.