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Nonprofits cannot cut or crisis-fundraise their way to financial stability and mission strength.

They must ADAPT.

ADAPT is a rapid, intensive process designed to help nonprofit leaders make swift and strategic decisions to ensure continued operations and mission impact.

The program brings a holistic approach to solving sudden problems, working with leaders to identify hidden assets, realign resources, and discover new ways to deliver the mission.

How it works

Focused approach for quick action.

ADAPT supports nonprofit leaders by introducing process, extending the team, and providing outside perspective.

Right now, nonprofit leaders face many unexpected challenges: managing changing revenues, transforming the workforce, mitigating impact to mission, crisis communications, and confirming to regulations. Everything must be dealt with today.

The ADAPT approach helps you manage these challenges. We bring together a team of people, capacities, and resources to uncover solutions, take action, assess results, and adjust if needed.

The process timeline promotes swift action. The entire program takes just 60 days, with first actions by day 15.

Situation Awareness


Impact City facilitators work with the nonprofit leader and team members to quickly capture critical information about the organization, constituents, and current challenges. This prework sets the foundation for the ADAPT process.


Prep work completed by day 2
Rapid Response Team


Engaging a small, targeted external group brings additional perspectives, ideas, and resources to the team. Impact City deploys proven tactics to rapidly guide recruitment and onboarding of members.


Functional team in place by day 5, full team by day 8


The current situation is unprecedented, and identifying solutions and opportunities requires highly innovative thinking. Impact City offers tools and processes specially designed to discover how to repurpose assets and create new value.


Functional team in place by day 5, full team by day 8
Action Cycle


Quick action strengthens the organization’s current position. The ADAPT process creates opportunity for smart, effective, continuous decision-making.


Implement first actions as early as day 8
Iterate and Support


Results of every action taken are evaluated, with adjustments made as needed. The ADAPT process ensures ongoing support for the organization’s leadership and continued engagement of the external team.


Beginning after first action, continuing through day 60

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