About Us

Housed in Dallas. Creating impact across the country and around the world.

Our philosophy

Driving impact

There is simply not enough philanthropy in our community to solve its greatest human challenges – much less those of the world. Broad problems will instead be solved by organizations that innovate, compete, self-sustain, and scale. This philosophy drives our work at Impact City.

Who we serve

Our vision

Look around the world and you’ll find global centers for finance, technology, art, religion, manufacturing and medicine – but no global center for sustainable solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges… yet.

Impact City is the initiative to create a global impact ecosystem, centered in Dallas – the “Silicon Valley of Impact”.

Impact organizations, social entrepreneurs, capital investors, talent and service providers have no global ecosystem. No common set of financial models, legal tools, or shared language. Yet these are the innovators and risk-takers whose ideas we need to solve the big problems we face today.

Our vision is bold. Our city is ready. From our central location and world-class airport, to our thriving economy and corporate landscape, Dallas is poised to become the global impact hub.

Our work

Building infrastructure

Six key infrastructure elements are required to create a global impact ecosystem. Impact City Initiative has planned six core programs to support each of the elements. Three programs have launched: Good Returns, the SUSTAIN Initiative, and investments.