Our team

Entrepreneurs. Innovators. Nonprofit leaders.

Jennifer Ware

With ten years of experience leading and building one of Dallas’ largest women-focused nonprofits, Jennifer has a keen understanding of the needs and challenges of nonprofit leaders and the limitations of today’s models.

At Impact City, she leads a team that empowers leaders to look beyond traditional philanthropy for innovative solutions for our communities’ greatest human needs.

Salah Boukadoum

Salah Boukadoum, Impact City’s Founder, has dedicated his career to developing and leading entrepreneurial ventures, with a focus on social enterprise and sustainability. He is co-founder of Soap Hope, a business designed to end poverty for women, and Good Returns, an innovation model that enables corporations to create deeper and more scalable impact in addressing key human challenges. Salah is a frequent speaker, writer and moderator in the social impact community.

Kyle Lukianuk

A Good Returns Co-founder, Kyle blends six years of impact measurement and creation with his past career as a risk and management consultant (most notably at KPMG). Kyle provides leadership in project management, strategy development, and risk assessment in the field of sustainable social impact.
He is passionate about the potential for corporations and the Millennial workforce to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

How we work

Varied experience, greater impact

Leveraging our backgrounds in technology, banking, retail, marketing, finance, philanthropy, and private equity, our team works with companies, foundations, nonprofits and investors to create impact and lasting change.