Leveraging investments to scale innovation and impact.

Impact investors seek to sustainably deploy capital to solve important human challenges. Unlike grants, impact investments target a return of capital. Because Impact Organizations are financially and operationally sustainable, they are an ideal vehicle for impact investors to improve our communities.

We believe

Impact investing involves mobilizing capital into programs and opportunities that typical capital will not fund. ESG and values-aligned investing barely skim the surface.

New investing infrastructure is emerging to scale solutions to our greatest challenges. New investment vehicles, business models, and legal structures are needed to drive the innovations arising in the social impact sector.

Today, many impact investors struggle to find the right mix of cause vertical, risk, return, liquidity, and depth of impact. Impact City is developing and deploying new instruments that help investors match these needs to impact opportunities, small and large.

WHAT IF you could participate in long-term, high-impact opportunities and still target an exit?

Many impact investments are hard to exit. They often support very long-term projects. Impact Organizations frequently do not want to exit their operations when they are integrated with their impact. Impact City provides financial infrastructure to enable investors and foundations to enter and exit long-term projects so that different sources of capital can support different phases of an impact opportunity: initial risk, growth, and long-term participation. Contact us to learn how.

WHAT IF you could unlock cost-free capital for organizations creating deep impact?

Impact City's GIVS is a powerful new tool that enables impact investors to achieve a remarkable blend of goals:

  • Make it possible for impact organizations to receive no-cost or very-low-cost capital for scaling
  • Earn a market rate of return
  • Share risk with like-minded investors and philanthropists
  • Maintain plannable liquidity

Our GIVS program utilizes an innovative guarantee structure to enable impact investors to participate in the growth of proven impact organizations for a specified period of time.

WHAT IF you could do far more as an investor than as a donor?

Grants and donations play an important role in starting new ventures, testing new concepts, and building infrastructure. But no amount of grant capital is sufficient to scale solutions to the great challenges we face.

Sustainable Impact Organizations discover business models that enable them to grow their impact with capital that they can return. Risk, time frame, and returns are different in the impact investing world - but they are all more sustainable than grants, which are one-time deployments that can never return.

By encouraging and supporting Impact Organizations which seek to be sustainable and scalable, we encourage established organizations to innovate, and we inspire new organizations and entrepreneurs to discover and develop new models with greater potential to solve the urgent problems of our time.

WHAT IF you could join together with other investors and foundations to scale impact?

Impact City brings solutions that enable investors and foundations to join together in impact projects. By collaborating with others, you share risk. lower costs for Impact Organizations, and accomplish more of what matters: driving impact on the ground for people.

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