Powerful community impact creating powerful bottom line impact.

Is your CSR, corporate citizenship, or corporate foundation program a cost center? Or is it a driver of your company’s current targets and long-term strategic goals?

Your company measures ROI in everything else; product, marketing, finance, team, and research. If your community engagement programs are not driving measurable, tangible value, then are they really a pure cost center, a second priority, and always at risk?

We believe

Corporations are key to solving the great challenges that we face across our communities. Corporations are experts in deploying resources strategically. When they apply those capabilities for impact, they have the power to sustainably deploy capital, unlock scaling potential in partner organizations, and align their corporate goals with key community needs.

Today, impact is a powerful tool for business. When companies treat impact as a measurable, investable, strategic opportunity rather than just a responsibility, they can drive better employee attraction and performance, create new revenues and cost savings, and uncover more tools to reach other key goals.

WHAT IF the more impact you made, the more profits you earned?

Most corporate citizenship programs are limited because they are not created with sustainability, scalability, and profitability in mind. Corporate community citizenship programs are only sustainable if they create tangible, measurable value for the company. Every corporate social responsibility program should help the company reach its strategic KPIs. When that alignment happens, a the program’s capacity for impact becomes unlimited - with powerful positive impact on communities, families, and our world.

WHAT IF you could mobilize your capital to improve your community, and then have it returned to you?

Most companies have in mind grants, gifts, volunteering, and PR when they think about community programs. We advise companies to think in terms of innovation, investment, and alignment with KPIs.
Many new programs and investment vehicles are emerging that enable companies to create impact by mobilizing capital and resources which can return - creating value and the possibility for repeated deployment. Learn more.

WHAT IF every time your key strengths and assets were leveraged to meaningfully impact your community, your company became more valuable?

Companies have deep assets and capabilities that they deploy for their businesses every day, yet frequently they do not consider how those assets could be utilized for impact - because their impact programs aren’t designed to create measurable value.
An impact program should be designed and deployed using an organized, strategic process. Leadership in talent, finance, operations, marketing, research, and executive management should be participating in the design of a company’s impact strategy. The result is a product that can be tested, deployed, managed, and scaled under the company’s best management procedures and values. Learn more.

WHAT IF your corporate sense of purpose was so strong that you were able to attract top talent on the basis of your mission alone?

Companies are always competing for top talent. A core value of the current and next generation of talent is purpose and meaning. These individuals blend their time and seek to express their values not just at home and in the community, but also at work.
When a company creates great value in its community and for the world, it becomes a magnet for talent. If you believe, as many corporate leaders do, that your team is the foundation of your success, it is critical that you bring impact into your strategic planning as a core element, not an optional, disconnected side activity.