Creating sustainable and scalable impact.

Impact Organizations solve key human challenges using long-term sustainable business models.

We believe

Humanity's top challenges will become dramatically diminished when large numbers of Impact Organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, successfully discover and implement models that enable them to scale. It is these organizations that provide sustainable outcomes such as meaningful employment, entrepreneurship, education, affordable housing, and other long-term positive results for people.

A nonprofit transforms into an Impact Organization when its business model covers all of its costs, allowing the organization to address major social challenges without an unending stream of grants and donations.

Corporations evolve into sustainable Impact Organizations when their social impact programs generate tangible financial value and support the company’s strategic objectives.

WHAT IF Google had been a nonprofit?

Google’s founding mission statement was “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

What if Google had been formed as a nonprofit library and sought donations and grants to index all the world’s information and give access to everyone? Would we have Google today?

Google’s growth and reach was possible because it developed a financially and operationally sustainable model.

At Impact City, we're developing the infrastructure for nonprofits and corporations to build their sustainable models, along with programs that allow impact investors to scale sustainable impact organizations while targeting a market rate of return.

Investing in Impact and Growth

Through its Good Returns' Cycles, Impact City pairs investors, foundations, and corporations with Impact Organizations to provide interest-free loans. The capital is used to scale sustainable programs that align with investor's interests. This financially innovative model helps companies like ORIX USA maximize its community impact.
Miles of Freedom serves individuals coming out of the prison system in Texas through employment, job training, and financial education
PeopleFund serves U.S. Veteran entrepreneurs in Texas through access to capital, training, and crucial support services
Milaap serves women entrepreneurs in India through access to capital, training, and crucial support services
Akola serves at-risk women in Dallas, Texas and Uganda by providing living-wage employment, job training, and access to social programming
Esperanza serves women entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic through access to business capital, training, and health services