Our communities’ needs are far deeper than philanthropy alone can address.

Our nonprofits are limited by fundraising.

Our companies cannot give away their profits.

Our communities’ needs are far deeper than philanthropy can address.

Our nonprofits are limited by fundraising.

Our companies cannot give away their profits.

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So how will we solve our world's greatest challenges?

Impact Organizations are the key.

Impact Organizations address important social problems using business models that are sustainable and scalable. When a financial model covers daily operations, philanthropy is only needed for key moments of growth.

Impact City’s role is to provide tools, models, finance, and infrastructure for Impact Organizations, to transform nonprofits and for-profits into impact organizations, to “support the supporters” of social impact, and to create a thriving ecosystem for social innovators.

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Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing today's greatest human challenges. To fully meet the demand for services, nonprofits must reach beyond traditional philanthropy, becoming Impact Organizations equipped to create and maintain lasting change.

Social Responsibility

Most corporate philanthropic resources are by nature limited. Social impact programs that do not result in tangible, measurable value are not sustainable. When an integrated impact program helps the company reach its key goals, it becomes strategic. Corporate impact programs must and can shift from philanthropy to investments with strong, measurable returns – from limited to unlimited.

and Grantmakers

Foundations play a unique role in shaping the social sector and fuel its ability to address key challenges. However, even foundation resources are limited – so leverage is key. With the right tools, funders can help nonprofits escape continuous philanthropy, recycle the same philanthropic dollar multiple times, and drive Impact Organization strategies that create lasting change.


Most impact investors quickly become frustrated with the limited impact capacity of highly available options like ESG and values-aligned portfolios. However, the next steps often are unclear – they struggle to find the right mix of risk, return, liquidity, and impact. To support lasting change, it is crucial to develop and deploy new instruments that match investors to impact opportunities. New devices like structured guarantee funds, tradable PRI positions, and blended venture funds are opening the doors for investors and portfolio managers to achieve the next level of social impact with their capital.

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Social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, investors, and philanthropists need new tools to solve problems at scale. Impact City provides modern programs, financial instruments, processes, and models for the impact ecosystem.

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There is not enough philanthropy in any community to solve its greatest human challenges – much less those of the world. Broad problems will instead be solved by organizations that innovate, compete, self-sustain, and scale. Impact City is working to create tools and programs that enable each one of us to be part of the solution.

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