About the SUSTAIN Initiative

Solutions that transform nonprofit organizations from donation-driven to Impact Organizations.

Engaged Communities

Sustainable Solutions


Better Fundraising is Not a Solution.

SUSTAIN is a multi-year program that gives nonprofit organizations the tools to shift its revenue model from reliance on donations to 100% sustainable earned income.

Specialized teams lead nonprofits through an innovative structured program.

How it works

One-on-one guidance provides needed support.

The program includes a structured process, project management, and recommendations for capital development.

Each organization works at its own pace. One-on-one coaching helps leaders tackle challenges.

Our team

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  • Kathy Laster The overall impact to our community has been to create a buzz of excitement about what the potential of this effort can bring to not only the nonprofit, but to our entire community by way of economic development and a feeling of progressiveness.
    Kathy Laster, Ph.D.
    Avedis Foundation
  • South Central Industries' partnership with Impact City has proven to be extremely beneficial as SCI strives to reach 100% sustainability.  Impact City is a major force in crafting our social enterprise model into a business that intentionally integrates social impact as a non-negotiable component. The focus, business acumen, and direction provided by Impact City has been priceless as SCI ventures to create financial independence.
    Tina Hanna
    South Central Industries