PSW Advance

Connecting members to Sustainable Philanthropy resources and investment opportunities

Sustainable Philanthropy is a set of principles and strategies that create sustainable, scalable solutions to community challenges.

PSW Members Only

PSW Advance is an opt-in program offered exclusively to PSW members. Powered by Sapphire Foundation and delivered by Impact City, PSW Advance offers members customized education on Sustainable Philanthropy-related topics, along with opportunities to invest in sustainable impact projects.

Whether your foundation is just beginning to explore giving beyond the grant or a seasoned veteran looking to deploy capital for a significant community-wide initiative, education, resources, and opportunities are tailored to match your experience and need.


Shared Services

Education Topics

PSW Advance includes a one-hour complimentary education consult on any one of six topics identified and vetted by PSW members.

Pre-call discovery helps us customize the session to best meet your needs.

To schedule your education session, click on the Schedule button below and select a time convenient to you. Once you've selected your time, you will receive an email invitation with call details.

Or if you're not ready for your session yet and just want to learn more, click the Contact Us button to get in touch..

Board Innovation
How do I get my board members up to speed on innovations "beyond the grant?"
Nonprofit Sustainability
Are my grantees ready to create a social enterprise or revenue-generating business?
Program-related Investments
Are we ready to invest grant dollars in a way that can return some, all, or more than all of our grant capital?
How can our foundation use its assets to unlock capital for nonprofits?
Community Transformation
What strategies can my foundation use to mobilize and entire community for change?
High-Impact Opportunities
What are examples of high-impact, mission-aligned sustainable opportunities my foundation can consider?

Beyond Education

Deploying Capital "Beyond the Grant"

PSW Advance will help you understand and use the tools of Sustainable Philanthropy

loans guarantees options convertible notes recoverable grants

Collaborate and use all your tools to create greater and more sustainable impact

program-related investments (PRI) mission-related investments (MRI) collaborative investment venture philanthropy community-led initiatives equitable grantmaking catalytic capital strategies

With PSW Advance, members have opportunities to evaluate venture philanthropy and investing, participate in a specific project or impact opportunity, or create a significant community-wide initiative.

Explore venture philanthropy and investing through collaborative grantmaking or investing in cause-matched funds

Imagine ...

... investing in a return-generating cause-area fund for women entrepreneurs for women entrepreneurs for women entrepreneurs

... granting to a collaborative fund investing in BIPOC entrepreneurs

... joining a community initiative that helps nonprofits in the disabilities space become permanently financially sustainable​

... or other collaborative grantmaking or fund-based investing aligned to your cause area

Play a significant investment role in a specific impact opportunity or program

Imagine ...

...investing in a return-generating social enterprise providing coaching for women tech entrepreneurs​

.... investing in a commercial kitchen focused on programming for native food entrepreneurs

... investing in a residential community designed to be completely inclusive and designed around the needs of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities

... or other direct investing in projects you choose from an ever-increasing portfolio

Design, create, and execute custom sustainable solutions to community challenges

Imagine ...

... creating an accelerator for women entrepreneurs in your region

... creating a fund with a Fortune 500 food company to discover and invest in native food entrepreneurs​

... financing a local franchise of a bakery chain than serves as a training ground for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities

... or working with experts to create a permanently sustainable solution in your community for a challenge you wish to impact

PSW Advance is powered by Sapphire Foundation and delivered by Impact City Initiative in partnership with Philanthropy Southwest.